Retail Customer Service Booster

 Retail Customer Service Training Course



To provide participants with a hands-on, experiential learning opportunity on how they can boost financial performance, engender trust and develop customer loyalty with a bespoke approach to customer service.

Do You Want Your Team To Learn How To:


  • Quickly and easily identify and act upon the prospects decision-making criteria
  • Present your products or services in a manner that removes pricing as a major decision point
  • Ask precise questions that develop a more collaborative relationship between your team and the prospect
  • Subtly identify the prospects price limit without asking outright
  • Get prospects and customers actively involved in their buying experience
  • Reduce and/or remove the prospects’ desire to ‘shop around’ or seek a price match elsewhere
  • Deal with complaints proactively and restore trust for your store and your brand
  • Proactively and politely seek referrals from satisfied customers to boost your revenue and profit


Investment Options

You can choose a Standard, Tailored or Bespoke programme.  To find out more about each option, please click here.

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