Customer Service Training For Hospitality Industry

Customer Service Training For Hospitality Industry



To provide customer service teams with a hands-on learning experience that will boost and maintain excellent guest service and satisfaction.


Do You Want Your Customer Service Team To:

  • Understand key drivers of guest (dis) satisfaction and how they impact your revenue
  • Anticipate potential issues and ensure that workarounds are implemented
  • Take more personal ownership for guest satisfaction
  • Move from a ‘Can Do’ attitude to a ‘Will Do’ attitude
  • Learn 10 no-cost methods of improving guest satisfaction
  • Deal with the guest from hell proactively and persuasively
  • Identify potential future revenue opportunities for your hotel
  • Listen attentively and respond proactively
  • Ask the one question that can transform your guests experience of your hotel


Duration:    Action-Packed 1 Day Programme.


Investment Options

You can choose a Standard, Tailored or Bespoke programme.  To find out more about each option, please click here.


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