Customer Satisfaction Maximiser

Maximising Customer Satisfaction



To provide participants with a practical toolbox of skills and communication patterns that focus purely on maximising customer satisfaction.


Do You Want Your Customer Service Team To Learn How To:

  • Differentiate customer service from customer satisfaction
  • Quickly identify the key issue the customer wants resolving
  • Remain politely assertive when the customer is venting their anger at you
  • Ask precise questions to develop rapport and identify opportunities to satisfy customer needs
  • Develop high levels of clarity and understanding to ensure that the key issue is resolved effectively
  • Avoid offering a financial solution (too early) when dealing with a customer complaint
  • Avoid the top 5 misunderstandings that damage or destroy customer satisfaction
  • Easily ensure that the customer is actually satisfied with your quality of service
  • Use customer satisfaction as a sales generation and retention tool
  • Appreciate the direct link between customer satisfaction and bottom line financial performance


Duration: Highly interactive, practical 1-day and 2-day customer satisfaction training programmes are available.


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