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As our team is led by acknowledged authorities in corporate training and development arena, you, your organisation and your customers will benefit immensely from our completely independent, subjective expert recommendations on how to maximise your customer service training and customer satisfaction results.




Author of the book ‘Win Every Time – Essential Lessons For Existing And Emerging Leaders’, Scott Watson is an acknowledged authority on leadership, management and team development.

His extensive knowledge of Emotional Intelligence and how to apply it to customer-facing roles has helped clients create a significant shift in their attitudes towards attracting and retaining customers.

Scott’s facilitating style is engaging, down-to-earth and outcome-focused.  His events pack in a vast amount of easy-to-apply tools, techniques and strategies that can be successfully implemented immediately upon return to your workplace.

He continually updates his work based on the latest human research and the extensive research and testing he undertakes with his hand-picked team of facilitators.



Dirk’s work schedule takes him across mainland Europe as well as the Arabian Gulf region.

A Certified Trainer of NLP for more than a decade and national conference speaker on advanced influencing and persuasion strategies, Dirk has developed an extensive arsenal of tools, principles and techniques that add substantial value to client organisations.

The quality of Dirk’s input is endorsed by an abundance of human resources leaders and board level executives at leading global brands as well as public sector organisations.

Through his many years of hands-on coaching and extensive research, Dirk has shown thousands of people how to transform their performance and effectiveness.

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Scott and Dirk are supported by a hand-picked team of fantastic subject experts, from Emotional Intelligence and Leadership training to Customer Service training and Executive Coaching.

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